LockNLoadRadio 27 Sep 2017

21st Century AR15 ; DTWS Arms Tyre Rifle Range Test

In General

Out of Belton South Carolina, here comes DTWS Arms. DTWS brings a boutique build in at a 2/3 the price of a comparable rifle.

Over engineered on the DTWS proprietary parts, with furniture from Samson,Ergo, and Mission First Tactical, this rifle is the one I didn't know I had been seeking.

Outrageous balance, a trigger that feels like a switch made out of glass, and a built in durability puts this rifle in very rarified air indeed.

However, I know this is the top of the DTWS line. Adam Finley of DTWS has told me that he isn't afraid for me to take out any of his rifles and run them through the ringer. We will be taking him up on that offer soon.

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