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Peck's 2A America 07 Apr 2018

2A News : Deerfield Illinois Bans Guns/Iroquois County Says No To Any Ban

In General

Two locations in Illinois have taken different a different approach with the rights of the people who live in them. Deerfied Illinois a city 25 mile north of Chicago has passed an "assault weapon ban as well as a "high capacity '' magazine ban fining citizens up to one thousand dollars a day for non compliance . In the mean time Iroquois county has passed a resolution and sent it to the state capital stating that they will not enforce any firearm law that infringes on the rights of it citizens . Mean while in Texas a Moms Demand Action president is in hot water after verbally assaulting a a group of teen girls because one of the girls was wearing a Trump shirt . As always thanks for watching!

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