LeverGuns50 06 May 2019

50-110 Winchester, is the most powerful lever action rifle cartridge

In General

This is a modern rifle with a modern smokeless steel barrel, The originals have nowhere near this much power and should never be pushed beyond the black powder pressure level,

This lever action rifle cartridge combination has more power than The 458 Winchester Magnum, and more Taylor KO, it has 80 Taylor KO, the 458 Winchester Magnum has 70, for all the people in the metric system on the left his foot pounds of energy
6011ft-lb= 8149.822J, on the right is converted to metric this is with 450 grain Barnes bullet do 2453 FPS

Test part 1 OF Woodleigh's 50 alaskan/ 50-110 500 grain flat nose bullet https://youtu.be/XCTRltBChhY

Barnes 450 grain bullet hi velocity vs low velocity vs water https://youtu.be/mnNH0EAtRx8

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