Buffman Range
Buffman Range 07 Jan 2014

9mm, Aguila 124gr FMJ (1E092110) Velocity Test, 3.93" Barrel

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Test Gun: Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle Semi-Compact, 3.93" Barrel
Chronograph: Prochrono Pal Chronograph
Test Taken: 10 Feet
Round Used: Aguila 124gr FMJ (1E092110). Advertised velocity, 1115fps

Temperature: 44.1*F
Humidity: 63%
Baro: 29.98" HG
Dew Point: 32*F
Elevation: 849 Feet.

All shots are in feet per second (fps)
#1: 1,028
#2: 1,030
#3: 1,044
#4: 942
#5: 1,014
Avg: 1,012

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Camera(s): JVC GZHM35 Camcorder, GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition,
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Elements 11

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