TNOUTDOORS9 31 May 2019

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9mm Federal HST 150 Gr

In General

Comprehensive review of three 9mm Federal HST heavy-for-caliber options, using a short-barrel handgun. Cartridges are the 150 gr Micro (NEW May 2016), 147 gr standard pressure, and 147 gr +P. Test gun is the Glock 43, 3.39" barrel. PLEASE NOTE.....Federal discontinued production of the 147 +P HST in 2018. Review includes overview, chronograph velocities, day/night shots recoil with muzzle flash demonstration, three shots with each cartridge using ClearBallistics gel (IWBA denim protocol), and evaluation of penetration and expansion.

The results of this review are only a representation in a controlled setting and do not necessarily reflect real-life "street" results.

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William Hairston
William Hairston 4 months ago

You had quite a junk-yard in that gel when all was said and done.
Many thanks for the informative video.

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