TNOUTDOORS9 28 May 2019

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9mm +P+ Underwood 147 gr Gold Dot Ammo Gel Test

In General

Penetration and expansion test of the Underwood 9mm +P+ 147 gr Gold Dot JHP using a diluted form of SIM-TEST Ballistic Testing Media. This format is comparable to ballistic gel, and includes four layers of denim. The inclusion of denim is an IWBA protocol. This was my first test with a fresh batch of SIM-TEST. Ammo was purchased at $25.95 for box of 50 rounds, plus shipping.

Video includes brief overview of the cartridge, recoil shots, and one shot test. Post-shot evaluation shows bullet path through the block, average diameter, and retained weight. Test gun is a Glock 19 with 4" barrel. Advertised velocity is 1175 FPS. Chronograph velocites are noted in the video. Please confirm with the manufacturer of your handgun that you can shoot these higher-pressure loads.

Speer factory product, #23619; OAL of 1.115"
Brass measurements 1/8" above extractor groove:
Unfired: .386"
Fired: .388"

Underwood product, OAL of 1.137"
Brass measurements 1/8" above extractor groove:
Unfired: .385"
Fired: .390"

FOOTNOTE: This was a late night test, outdoors. I much prefer testing outdoors when the temperature permits. However, due to the late hour and just prior to the test shot, I was in the process of moving the test to the garage when I encountered a 3 foot chicken snake at the top step of the garage, contemplating taking a tour through my kitchen. The snake escaped into a storage area underneath the steps and I decided to finish this on the deck, regardless of the hour.


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