Gunguy2a 18 Jun 2018

Ar-15 Ban Why?

In General

I usually never do videos about current events but this Ar-15 ban is over the top. Gun gripe

*Assault Weapons Ban of 2018
* H.R.5087
*Ar-15 ban or people ban
*Assault Weapons ban- Ar15 s are not assault weapons & ar15's are not miltary weapons of war
*Fully Automatic weapons ban- They aren't illegal, they are highly regulated
* Ar15 Armalite Rifle Ban
* Ar 15 gun rant
* Ar 15 gun band gun gripe
* Parkland School shooting
* Gun control
* Gun control doesn't work
* Enforce current laws
* NRA memberships have increased
* Armed Teachers
* Core 15 Scout
* M&P Sport II
*PSA Ar-15 10.5 Pistol

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