Doublefeed 09 Aug 2021

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AR-15 Palmetto 16" Carbine & Dissipator get new Timney AR Impact Triggers! 09Aug2021

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I did not shoot any better with the new Timney triggers vs the original crusty PSA MilSpec which I found a little surprising. I think I was just having an off day as the new triggers were much better and I still think the rifles are better than what I was shooting. It was a little windy but at 50 yards I doubt it had any effect. It was a piece of towel!

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 12 months ago

Glad to box up and send you some of our humidity. Today was 98 degrees and 84% humidity. Like being in a sauna. Nice shooting again. I copied your target stand and built one very similar. Awesome and light.

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