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AR15 Zero: Introduction to Sighting in a Rifle's Point of Aim on a target at a Specific Distanc

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Published on 18 Apr 2018 / In General

Introduction to Zeros for rifles
We look at the Zero for the AR15 rifle after having the rifle zero explained to us many times, I decided to simplify it to the way I picture it as many targets in a row all the way down range

PDF of this presentation:

Please feel free to use this in your class rooms if it will help with explaining rifle zero or point of aim

Zero = Point of Aim the same as Point of Impact on target at a distance

Popular AR15 Zeros:
25 yd
50 yd
100 yd
200 yd
300 meter

We are honored to have been asked for this presentation on rifle zero for use in police & military classrooms as well as hunter safety and junior shooter education programs. Thank you for your interest in our presentation on AR15 rifle zeros


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2 months ago

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