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Forgotten Weapons 12 Feb 2019

Boberg XR9S & XR45S: The Bullpup Pistols

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Rock Island is selling these two Boberg pistols as part of a Lot 1089 in their upcoming Regional auction on February 14th, 2019.

Arne Boberg founded Boberg Arms in 2009 and released his first pistol in 2011, the XR9-S. This was followed by the longer XR9-L, and then the XR-45S in 2014. The conceit of the Boberg pistol is basically that of the Bullpup rifle: maximizing barrel length while minimizing overall length. To this end, Boberg used an unconventional system of pulling cartridges out the back of the magazine rather than pushing them forward, allowing about an inch of extra barrel in a given pistol. The resulting feed system is a bit complex and very cool, and reminiscent of the old British Mars pistols. It is not without its faults, though, and the lowest priced Boberg pistols were over $1000 retail, which significantly limited their sales in a concealed carry market awash with good options at half the price. In 2016 Boberg sold the gun to the Bond Arms company, which markets is today as the Bond Bullpup. Original Boberg production guns have, thus, become collectible items for those interested in unusual handguns.

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