Mo Ro: The G. Knight
Mo Ro: The G. Knight 01 Aug 2020

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Chinese Type 56 SKS Rifle (Palmetto State Armory) [Quick Look]

In General

So, I bought a rifle and this time it's in a Rifle Caliber.
With 9mm being ridiculously expensive, at the time this video was made, I needed to find something else that I could get into that was cheaper to shoot.
Enter the Chinese Type 56 SKS Rifle.
I'm not an expert on these guns, and I'm sure I got some stuff wrong, but that's what the comment section below is for. Talk about your SKS rifles and the knowledge you have that goes along with them, that way, other's who are looking into getting there hands on one of these will know a little more than I do from the get go.

Besides, I just do this for fun. ;p

P.S. My new job doesn't pay as much, which is why my videos/channel will be slowing down. As much as I like to buy guns, shoot guns, and test out different guns, right now, certain things are financially more important. But, have no fear, I shall not quit.

[Stay Safe and Keep Building]

If you're interested in supporting the channel, feel free to donate to the GoFundMe listed below, that way we can keep this channel up and running with new guns, gear and content for you guys to watch in the future. Thanks again, I appreciate it.


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