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Debunking the debunking of the Trigger Jerking myth ;)

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Debunking the debunking of the Trigger Jerking myth ;) Yea its confusing but stay with me.

Notice the shooter is bracing - will get to this in a bit.

The problem is not the amount of force a person puts on the trigger, its the sympathetic muscle response of all the fingers.

Since we were babies were used all our fingers to grab someone for our entire lives. So after decades and hundreds of millions of repetitions of using all our fingers to grab things, then we get a gun.

We are then told to hold the gun with 3 fingers and the thumb, then without moving those, we are supposed to only move the trigger finger straight back to the rear.

So what happens?

We pull the trigger with one finger and the others move as well. For right handed shooters they jerk the rounds down and to the left and visa versa for left handed folks. Many 'jerk' the trigger (all fingers pull in) and that results in rounds going down.

So what you see in this video has nothing to do with force. Notice the shooter is fully braced for ratchet. So of course the rounds stay on target.

Why is that?

None of the fingers are moving sympathetically.

This guy stick is a gimmick, a strawman argument, a trick to get you to agree with him. However the muscular actions and sympathetic movements of the fingers, hand, etc. are totally ignored.

Something to think about.

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