Aardvark Reloading
Aardvark Reloading 30 Jan 2020

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Dishwasher Magic Outshines Lemi Shine

In General

After many years and washing hundreds of pounds of brass - with this recent discovery I am upgrading to Dishwasher Magic to clean and polish my reloading brass. I'm still an advocate of using Lemi Shine but Dishwasher Magic out-performs my old favorite.

Here's my old video using Lemi Shine:

It's good stuff! But I'm telling you. Try Dishwasher Magic. It seems to hold or restore the original shine and luster within the brass.

Citric Acid also worked but it almost seemed to lighten the shine from the brass. I felt if I washed the brass to long - I would have washed the shine and luster right out of the surface of the brass. However - the brass was indeed very clean.

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