LockNLoadRadio 17 Jul 2017

DTWS Weapons- Unboxing an AR Rifle for the 21st Century

In General

I have known Adam Finley for about 7 years now. He started as an AR builder, churning out good quality and reliablity in his product. Now with Docs Tactical Weapon Systems he has transitioned into manufacture. With parts from Ergo, Samson, and others he has decided to build a certain kind of rifle, in a very certain way. Fit and finish is on par with any of the higher end manufacturers. The weight and balance feels very well thought out, and the finished rifle mates up perfectly to the Trijicon MRO.
Where many manufacturers are cutting back, DTWS is seeking to expand. Easily on par with makers like Bravo Company and Daniel Defense, the DTWS AR15 is a work of lethal art. Stay tuned, because I will have more on them soon.

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