OBNXS1 11 Dec 2018

GunStreamer Tease

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Go check out the new video on GunStreamer because YouTube won't like it one bit.

#OBNXS1 #WeAreSocialMedia #GunStreamer

Credit: Adam Lewis
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YoderTexas 1 year ago

It's the same video over here. Where's the beef?

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OBNXS1 1 year ago

It was uploading overnight since I have shit internet.

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OBNXS1 1 year ago

And now I have to reupload because I deleted it from YouTube too soon...

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YoderTexas 1 year ago

@OBNXS1: My internet isn't great here either because I'm too cheap to pay double what I'm paying now to Spectrum. On my genealogy channel I have longer videos that take hours to upload so I also upload overnight.

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OBNXS1 1 year ago

@YoderTexas : My only option besides the slow as hell DSL I have is to pay for satellite...not happening.

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