Buffman Range
Buffman Range 27 Aug 2011

Hornady TAP 5.56X45mm 75gr BTHP/WC T2* Vs Milk Jugs

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I've wanted to test these out for awhile, just haven't had time. These are Part # 8126N. They are 5.56x45mm and not meant for .223 chambers. 75gr BTHP/WC T2*.

I have no way to test how they group at 100 yards, but they punched straight holes at 30 yards in my 1:9 Stag Barrel, so they'd should work nicely for any self defense situation.

As you can see in the video, these bullets yaw significantly after impact, and fragment quite a lot. The biggest piece was found in the woolite container. Approx 3 1/4 Jugs penetrated and into the woolite. I have a pork shoulder video coming soon

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