Mo Ro: The G. Knight
Mo Ro: The G. Knight 21 Jun 2020

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Is the AR9 more reliable with 124gr ammo?

In General

I have some theories that I would like to run past the viewers, especially the ones who have multiple AR9 builds. What type of ammo is running the best in your build? Is it manufacture specific? Have you noticed inconsistencies in ammunition lately like I have?

What weight of buffer and bolt are you running, where did you get it, who makes it, and what are your thoughts on specific combos for reliability? Drop some comments down below so others can see what you're running, so they have some better ideas to find out what will work better for their build.

Sometimes, I like to make videos that are more for information then they are for anything else. This is one of those.

[Stay Safe and Keep Building]

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