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Zeke Shoots 15 Apr 2018

M-16 Documentary (m-16-a1)

In General


The M-16 (as seen here) was designed primarily to be a rifle, not necessarily a machine gun, this I feel was due to the fact that we tend to value shot placement, rather then suppressing "Spray and pray" fire.

It was in fact originally designated the AR-15. today, this designation has only stuck with the semi automatic civilian versions. It was designed by Eugene Stoner.

it weighs around 8.8 Lbs loaded , Has a 20" barrel with an overall length of 39.5 inches.
it uses the 5.56 NATO cartridge, maximum effective range is around 650 yards

If it hadn't been for a four star general, William Wyman General Curtis laMay and Secretary of defense Robert McNamara the M-16 may not have been accepted as the standard infantry rifle for the U.S. military.

during the Vietnam conflict, many upgrades were introduced as the war waged on, two notable upgrades were the cartridge deflector and the forward assist.

It was due to ignorance that the rifle was issued without a cleaning kit. Well, as you would figure, the gas port would foul the inner workings of the rifle, that and the chambers were not chrome plated, so...End of the day, you would have a bat and not a rifle.

All problems aside, it has gone on to compliment our solders nicely and has for the most part, proven itself useful and reliable and has gone on to be produced by nearly everyone that has a CNC.

Edited and filmed by Zeke
Props By: Zeke
special thanks to: Shooting Sports Q.C. in Moline IL.
Music By: Kevin MacLeod

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