Doublefeed 14 Aug 2020

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Palmetto vs Windham Dissipator Tabletop Review (North Las Vegas) 8-14-2020

In General

Made my usual mistakes during the video! Calling the hand guard a carry handle was one of them. Sorry for the jet noise and A/C units starting and stopping. Don't have enough lighting inside the house for a decent video. Also, I forgot to mention that on the Windham I installed a .040" taller front sight post that will correct for the shorter (non-"F" marked) standard A2 front sight base to get a correct co-witness with the Aimpoint PRO (red dot) and Magpul PRO rear flip-up sight. This will also correct if using a Milspec carry handle. If using a commercial spec carry handle the front sight post would have to be returned to the standard A2 height for things to be 100% correct unless trying to co-witness with an optic.

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