Ray_Blackburn 06 Feb 2019

Part 3 Three Day Hunt & Rabbit Show

In General

I always thought the third time was a charm but never figured that would include a rabbit show LOL

I think I may have fished this site out as the game cam did show what looked like one loner boar that came in knocked down the game cam then left to come back again Thursday night to walk all over it

I set the feeder up on the new slab and I'm waiting for he slab to cure good then I'm taking it all to the back pasture to try my luck back there

Being as all of the hogs deer coyotes foxes and most of the raccoon's come from what looks to be the back part of the quarry next to the back pasture more than likely it should offer better hunting back there

I also spotted a feeder on the quarry side back there so that could be another part if that guy feeds out a whole lot more corn from his feeder which is why the hogs are back there most of the time until it runs out then they come to mine like one day a week or less

So the move is on and I picked out a good spot I know of with many tracks of deer hogs raccoon's and coyotes that I have seen so far

Might take a week for the critters to get use to it but have a feeling my feeder in that spot will make it closer for the hogs than the feeder on the quarry side once I move it there

I actually saw 4 raccoon's in one of my videos and they were walking on that hill in the back pasture from the back of the quarry land all the way to my feeder and had to think, If the feeder were right there they would not pass that other feeder on the way towards mine and see my feeder first

Just some more fun to have moving the feeder and seeing how that goes on the next hunt and I believe for the first time I will see them coyotes I always hear coming from the pasture behind the back pasture and might even get a shot on one for the first time also

Right now I'm getting ready for another two day hunt and reloading some more of those fantastic loads I had with the H414 powder to keep my ammo box full

Looking forward to hunting a new spot for a change so stay tuned for some more videos every week hunting in what I could see would be from hundreds of covered location in that back pasture anywhere from 50 yards to 300 yards away from the feeder

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