Aardvark Reloading
Aardvark Reloading 15 Feb 2019

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Ping Pong Balls for gun powder? Amazing but No Go. I found this experiment none-the-less very interesting.

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One day I was having lunch with my friend "Marshall Thompson". "Ping Pong balls are almost pure Nitrocellulose" said "Marshall". Marshall has a PhD in chemistry so I can assure you - he is smart. One thing led to another but my curiosity was peaked. Some early tests revealed it burned much like gunpowder but yes - dirty. I put 2 grains of the ground up ping pong into a 9mm casing and used Winchester Magnum primers to ensure the ping pong ignited. It was weak and never did cycle nor lock back the slide. I added "Stump Remover" (which is also known as Salt Peter/Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) to some of the rounds. Observe tests 8, 9 and 15 in the video. It's too weak on its own but in an extreme emergency - it could be used to perhaps stretch existing supplies of smokeless powder. I did this strictly as a test to learn about the chemicals involved. I will be publishing videos on reloading homemade primers, reloading 22LRs, and percussion caps. It's reloading but on a much more difficult and challenging scale. Marshall makes it safe and understandable.

So if they ever outlaw gun powder; you can use this. If they outlaw us from playing Ping Pong you can grind down guitar picks and do the same thing. If they outlaw us from playing guitar on the beach - chop down the old reel-to-reel film and place that into a casing. More soon.

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jsr5 16 days ago

do you have a safe way to measure power output from batch to batch of powder? If so I wonder if using a 50/50 with a more conventional black powder and your hottest primers might yeild siothing significant? Just a thought. Thanks for posting these it is giving me food for thought while I wait for factory primers to be available again at something approaching fair prices.

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