MarineGunBuilder 12 Aug 2019

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Polymer 80 Glock Frame Polish - How to like a Pro

In General

This Polymer 80 Glock Build video illustrates everything you need to know on how to polish your Polymer 80 Glock with 1st time quality results. Marine Gun Builder will cover everything you need to get a perfect Polymer80 glock frame polished, buffed, and looking mint. This method works on all polymer frames to include the polymer80 pfc940, polymer80 pf45, polymer80 pf940v2, polymer80 pf940cl, polymer80 glock 21sf, or the p80 pf940sc. Please check the playlist for other Polymer 80 build tutorials. Polymer80 holster and other polymer80 instructional videos are coming soon!

For all the Tools in this video and other Polymer 80 build tools visit my Amazon Store:

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Polishing Tools in this Video

Dremel 4000 Polishing Pack

Flex Shaft

Drill Master Rotary Tool

Novus Polish

Buffing Wheels

Felt Pads

Nufinish Scratch Remover

Meguiars Ultimate Black

Wetsand Paper

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