MarineGunBuilder 09 Jun 2019

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Polymer 80 Glock Pro Build - Remove Trigger Blemish P80

In General

This Polymer 80 build video illustrates how to build your Polymer80 Glock 17 with 1st time quality results. Marine Gun Builder will cover everything you need to get a perfect p80 build for your polymer80 pfc940, polymer80 pf45, polymer80 pf940v2, polymer80 pf940cl, polymer80 glock 21sf, or the p80 pf940sc. Please check the playlist for other Polymer 80 build tutorial. Polymer80 holster and other polymer80 review videos are coming soon!

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Master Polymer80 Tools List

Diamond Bits Angled

Diamond Bits Straights

Diamond Bits Rounds

Green Polishers

Green Polishers 2 (they sell out a lot same kit here)

Medium White Polishers

Routing Bits

Impregnated Buffers

X-Acto Kit

Extra 17 Chisel Blades

Dremel 90 Degree Attachment

Dremel Brad Point Bits

Dremel 4000 Kit

Dremel Flex Shaft

Dremel Workstation

Dremel Plunge Router

3M Wet/Dry Paper

Deburring Tool

Front Tabs Fret Cutter

Rear Tabs Fret Cutter

Channel Liner Install Tool (Absolute Must)

Front Sight Install Tool + Punch

Rear Sight Install Tool

Desktop Vice (HD has a line called Bessey) Cheaper here though

Real Avid Tool Kit

Real Avid Bench Block

Polymer80 PF940C – G-19/23 Holsters

G19 Holster with extra Mag and APLC Inforce light (White)

G19 Holster with extra Mag and APLC Inforce light (Green)

Polymer80 PF940C (fits Glock 19 23 Slide) IWB Holster Concealed Carry

Black Stealth OWB Stream light TLR-1 Polymer80 G19

Coyote OWB Stream light TLR-1 Polymer80 G19

Black Stealth OWB Stream light TLR-4 Polymer80 G19

IWB/OWB Compatible Standard Bladetech Polymer80 G19

IWB OD Green Hybrid Left or Right Polymer80 G19
Polymer80 PF940SC – G-26/27 Holsters

IWB Hybrid Conceal Carry Right Hand

IWB Carbon Fiber or Leather Outlaw

OWB Gun Metal Gray USA (most other models)

Light Systems – MGB Tested & Approved - Glock 19's

Streamlight TLR-1 with Strobe (Black) 800 Lumens

Streamlight TLR-1 with Strobe (Flat Dark Earth) 800 Lumens

Streamlight TLR-2 with Laser

Viridian X5L Instant On/Off with Green Laser

The Amazon links to products are attached to my associates account. The price is exactly the same. Once a product ships to you Amazon gives me 1-3% of the sale. This small contribution helps keep this channel running. Please consider only purchasing through these links. Thank you for your support freedom protector - M.G.B.


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Vmax1992 12 months ago

Any chance of doing AR 80% builds? From polymer and aluminum. Whatever you put out, I will be watching.

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MarineGunBuilder 12 months ago

Yessir! I have 12 videos on the Polymer80 AR scheduled. There are 4 more in the p80 block to go then the AR vids will start to come. After that is 80% aluminum builds and 3d prints :)

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Vmax1992 12 months ago

I have watched many on this subject, I got something from them all with more questions then answers. At last someone who is not happy with status quo....I have been thinking of different ways to get a factory look, you have answered many of my questions. Time to gather a few more bits for my dremel and get started on the frames I have been sitting on. I was beginning to think I was stressing to much about not getting factory finish......not so, seems there are other people. Thanks and I look forward to whatever you put out.on GS

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MarineGunBuilder 12 months ago

Hey Brother thank you for the kind words! There is just so much misinformation out there and unfortunately it’s leading to so many builders being littered with problems. I’ve got 10 more coming out in this series. Hopefully it catches on and people can adapt some new methods. :)

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