Ray_Blackburn 26 Mar 2018

Portable Game Cameras

In General

I found a way to make the game cameras easier to locate to any location with a T post

Some places I needed them had no trees to attach the cameras to so I attached them to T post and pounded them in the ground where I needed them then added the LED flood light at the top

Ten minutes after I relocated the game camera at the fence a turkey came by and scarfed up some corn LOL

Later that night all I saw were raccoons on that hill and no light came on where the other camera was so it got no visitors after moving it to the outside of the hog holes

LED lights are just bright enough to light up the area around the camera sensor but not bright enough to scare off critters is what I have seen

I think the hogs might be shy of the IR light for the video and also the LED light so I might get some green or red lens to cover the lights with

I had to walk across the field at night to readjust the light on the hill by the fence to face down more as when it came on it was blinding my scope pointing directly at me

Once I adjusted it down all I saw were raccoons all night long on that hill thru the rifle scope

Adjusted both game cameras to record video and will look at them again next week to see what critters came to visit

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