Doublefeed 22 Jul 2020

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RCBS Neck Sizing/Dillon Full Length 223/5.56 (North Las Vegas) 7-21-2020

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All my .223 brass has been sorted by head stamp. The Remington brass is once fired by myself and not other peoples range brass. Almost the entire amount fell within +/- .004" of minimum trim length which is 1.750" and most of it fell under. I doubled checked what my analog calipers were telling me by using my Mitituyo digital calipers that I didn't show in the video. Also, it is very important to use a head space/case gauge. Even though the brass length measures correctly with calipers... this does not mean that the head space is correct unless you use the gauge too! I checked every piece of brass with the gauge and will random sample by chamber testing the brass with a couple of my AR's.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 3 months ago

I thought the same thing. Just throw them away, but then come to think of it, the way things are going today maybe I’d hang on to them. I would anyway, I hate losing even one when I shoot. Lol.

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