Aardvark Reloading
Aardvark Reloading 15 Feb 2019

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Reloading Brass: Making 300 Blackout from 223 or 556 Casings

In General

Hornady 300 AAC/Whisper Die Set #546349 Full Length 2 Die Set. I think I paid around $50.00 at Cabelas. 300 Blackout Casings are very expensive and difficult to find. But you can cut down 223 or 5.56 casings and achieve good results. Careful! You have to remember that the headstamps will have the wrong label. The new projectiles (being .308) and be considerably larger and will have 17% more impact power because of the heavier projectile. The 300 Blackout can be loaded and shot at subsonic levels. I currently don't own a suppressor so I can't take advantage of this feature. The 2" Bench Cut off saw is from Harbor Freight (about $25.00). Part #62136. 3/8" Arbor 10,000 RPM. HSS Blade. Also shown is the RCBS TrimMate Case Prep Center.

I also broke down and purchased a Lyman Universal Case Timer. Part #7862000. I'm happy with it except you have to set the length by trial and error and adjusting it up or down by a thousandths or 2 is accomplished manually (trial and error). I'll have to reread the instructions as there is a course and fine adjustment threads. I can feel yet another video coming on just for this. I paid $74.00 at Cabelas. I chose it over Hornady because of the possibility of using an adapter for power turning the shaft. I think Hornady's case trimmer allows changes by a controlable 1000ths but has no power adapter feature. Hornady was about $89.00.

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