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Aardvark Reloading 15 Feb 2019

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Reloading/Casting Lubes: Alox makes a little smoke

In General

Use of Alox for a bullet lube works fine. It's relatively easy and quick to apply but the drawbacks are 1) it makes a little smoke as the wax heats up in the barrel 2) it "smells bad" and is somewhat "sticky" on both the bullet and any equipment that comes in contact with this wax. Conversely on a more positive note: It smokes because the wax is doing its job. It is lubricating the inner bore of the barrel (the Lans area and rifling) and as it heats up it naturally smokes. It doesn't smoke a great deal (unless you apply way too much) and this smoke quickly dissipates. Alox is quickly being replaced by powder coating.

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