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Aardvark Reloading 15 Feb 2019

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Reloading Primers: Homemade Primer Compound EPS5.

In General

Variations of this compound can be used to reload 22LRs and percussion caps. Marshall's document (http://www.aardvarkreloading.c....om/resources/Homemad can be found on www.AardvarkReloading.Com. As you will see - the man is a genius. Mix the ingredients in the order he demonstrates and using his techniques. The compound is inert until you add water (of all things). Check your local state laws to make sure it's legal to make and only make it in small quantities. As shown - Marshall makes enough material to reload approximately 100 primers. Other primer compounds can be found in Hatcher's Notebook (ISBN: 978-1-61427-283-0 Published 1948) I will see if I can't find the other formulas (H48) as well. This is great info for you "preppers".

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