LockNLoadRadio 16 Sep 2018

Rescuing a Remington 870 with Boyds Gunstocks and Ace Firearms

In General

Bored. I need something creative to film. Well creative for me anyway.

Go to Upstate Armory Group and buy a really well used Remington 870 shotgun. Assessment
of 870 is this has really been used"¦"¦ a lot.

So with a little help from Boyds Gunstocks and Ace Firearms, I decide this 870 needs a makeover.

1st lets take it to Roger Ward at Ace Firearms to assess the metal body of the gun. Not too bad.

Boyds Gunstocks Preps an At One stock for this gun and we are off to the process.

While I am at Ace Firearms, I try to create some mischief and look at the changes in the operation.

I make mention of 2 guns put together by Boyds Gunstocks for a special project.

They two guns are:  Ruger American in 450 Bushmaster.  One has a 22" stainless steel barrel, the other one is a 16.1" threaded, blued barrel.  Both sport the Vortex Diamondback Optics in 4-16x42 with the Dead-Hold BDC.  The stocks are Boyds At-One model stocks in Patriot Laminate color with the word "Freedom" engraved into each.

To Be Continued.

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