Doublefeed 04 May 2022

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Rock River Arms HBAR 20" WYLDE 1:9 Twist Chrome Lined Pre-assembly!

In General

The Rock River Arms barrel besides the shipping issue that rubbed off some parkerizing and a couple of very minor burrs is well machined. From the looks of the borescope inspection I think it will be accurate. You never know though until it's fired. Forgot to mention it in the video but the front sight base looks to be straight with the barrel extension indexing pin. Finishing parts are on the way so some live fire testing soon!

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Doublefeed 11 months ago

Ha! Ha! I think it's going to be a shooter!

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 11 months ago

Nice barrel Pete. If you decide not to keep it you can always send it to me. Good review.

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