904Outdoors 10 Feb 2019

Spike's Tactical - Stripped AR-15 Lowers - And A New Build!

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Spike's Tactical - Stripped AR-15 Lowers - And A New Build!

Welcome to the "Sand Spider Part:1".

Our friends at Spike's Tactical sent us over a stripped AR-15 lower for our viewers to take a look at.
Using some of the best quality parts in the industry for our new build is a must, which is why we contacted Spike's Tactical to help out.

We recently received a FULL rifle build kit from our friends at GUNTECUSA Which includes everything except for a stripped lower receiver.
An excellent quality and high-value kit, but without a lower receiver, it's useless. This is where Spike's Tactical stepped in and helped us out with this build. With the addition of their high-quality lower receiver, it helps this build finally come to life.

In the past we have used multiple Spike's Tactical lowers for our builds, including their "Honey Badger" and even a Color Filled "Snowflake" Lower Receiver.

Check out our friends at Spike's Tactical at:

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Also, Check out our optics for this build at:

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