Doublefeed 23 Jul 2020

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Trimming Lake City 5.56mm with the RCBS Trim Pro 2 07-23-2020

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Will most likely be investing in a powered brass trimmer! If your doing small quantities or loading for precision then the manual RCBS Trim Pro 2 works great! I have never loaded more than a few hundred at a wack and realized that manual trimming isn't going to work anymore when I'm trying to prep 1000's of rounds. Looking at the Dillon RT1500! A little pricey but seems to work great in it's price range!

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Doublefeed 3 months ago

Tried to finish about 500 rounds today manually. Didn't make it! Got about 150 to go on the Lake City. I have about another 2000 rounds of various head stamps and I'm not doing those by hand, that's for sure! The Dillon RT1500 is out of stock right now so the rest of the brass can wait! Lol! I know there are many other powered options available but I've never had any issues with anything that Dillon makes.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 3 months ago

If you trim a lot of brass it sounds like it would be worth it. I’m all about the quick and easy anymore. I’m to old and inpatient to waste time, lol

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