Greetings from the Wet Bush. I live remote on an rain forest island over 100 miles off the coast of SouthEast Alaska. I live a mostly subsistence lifestyle. I make BP, Cast Bullets, and fast food to me is a Blacktail Deer disappearing in the brush. Deer, bear, salmon, halibut, shrimp, mushrooms, are all staples here. Takes the better part of a day to get to a real store. I make lots of my own furnature, cache rainwater to bathe, and the mail comes via Float plane to our boat dock when the weather permits. The Alaskan Dream is filled with work, and most don’t succeed .

Have a blessed day!!! Thanks for stopping by.

Gucchi Cove Salmon
Mark Alaskan
108 Views · 10 days ago
the mail man comes with wings
Mark Alaskan
63 Views · 16 days ago
Upper Sarkar lake falls
Mark Alaskan
122 Views · 16 days ago
matthew hunting sockeyes
Mark Alaskan
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Hunting Reds (Sockeye)
Mark Alaskan
119 Views · 16 days ago
matthew at Sarkar Lake falls
Mark Alaskan
53 Views · 16 days ago
Hatchery Creek falls
Mark Alaskan
95 Views · 16 days ago
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