American Gun Chic is all about Guns, Explosions and learning from scratch! I want ti spread awareness of Women's self-defense. We are documenting the process of learning self-defense and shooting some comedic relief videos along the way. Our goal is to restore the proper mentality of self-reliance and independence that made this country great!

Look for us on Gunday Mondays!!! 1st and 3rd Monday of the month!!!

Production Manager; Joseph Hoskins
On Screen Talent ; Brickell Clark


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-This tier gives you access to AGC's (nearly) Daily Feed!!!  Stay updated on what the AGC crew is doing and how they are promoting women in firearms.  

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- Access to the Patron-only activity feed with additional content, behind-the-scenes footage, and extended video clips and shooting sessions!


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Thanks!! This will help with Travel expenses, safety gear, range fees, so I can continue to create great videos!!

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Wow!!! Thank You!! This will help with building materials, props, and better camera equipment needed to create the highest quality videos that my mind can come up with!

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You will receive;  - All the benefits listed above, - an autographed photo every quarter for your home or your business       (*Dec, Mar, Jun, Sep) - Goody bags of stickers, patches, and occasional memorabilia from our videos!  Holy Cow!!!!  YOU ROCK!!!   Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!! This helps with travel expenses, safety gear and range fees for myself and first-time women I bring shooting to the range! This will go a long way in aiding and supporting our 2nd Amendment rights by giving new people the chance to be comfortable and confident around firearms.    This contribution will buy practice Ammo for me and the girls I take shooting!!! It will help spread awareness of the benefits and importance of the 2nd Amendment directly to new shooters!!!

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- Quarterly surprise merchandise from the American Gun Chic Shop in the mail!
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LET FREEDOM RING!!!! You are making a solid commitment to spreading the message of Freedom by allowing us to hire range instructors to help maintain safety for new shooters we take to the range. This will help ensure that we have the proper eyes and ears on everyone shooting to ensure safety and so that each and every girl has the best possible experience at the range!!!

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-  all the benefits listed above along with,

 - a monthly One-on-One private 15+ minute Skype Session with American Gun Chic to talk about my advancement in training, what is going on with the AGC Team or anything you choose.  (Video recommendations) ;)

This will support my personal development and growth at the highest level! This contribution will allow me to improve my personal training & gear along with attending private instruction further supporting my firearms education so that I can share it with the world and the men and women around me. There will never be enough Thank You's I could say so I will say it once and know that there are an infinite amount of Thank You's blasting you all at once. (and I am sure many will follow!)
You help make me the best I can be!!!