Welcome to Beyond Seclusion! Our goal is to share the love of the outdoors with you from shooting, hunting, fishing, wildlife, and raising animals, to pretty much anything related to living in the country and living the good life.

I take the KISS “Keep It Simple Stupid” approach to pretty much everything and that is what you can expect from my videos and reviews. I will always give honest reviews and do not promote or encourage anything that I do not truly like and enjoy.

This channel is appropriate for all ages as my family, friends, community, and kids watch, so material will be professional and appropriate.

I have “ZERO” tolerance for: rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional comments. You will simply be banned from the channel. Feedback is critical, good or bad (constructive) and welcomed.
It’s all about having fun and sharing. Gun safety starts at home with our kids!

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