I’m Mike, and I started BGGR because I love being in the outdoors, and I’m always on the lookout for high Value-to-Cost ratio gear. I watched a lot of YouTube videos that reviewed some really nice stuff, but a LOT of it was priced out of my reach. I use to complain that SOMEONE should start a channel that reviewed gear guys like me could afford- until I realized that I AM SOMEONE!

And so Budget Guns and Gear Reviews was born.

So what can you expect? I try to bring you honest, unbiased reviews of camping, hiking, survival, and other outdoors gear, as well as firearms reviews and shooting videos, with how-to’s and Second Amendment related news and commentary thrown in.

I think of it like this:

“Imagine that Nutnfancy and Hickock45 met and had a secret love child, which was adopted and raised in a trailer park by IV8888 and Dave Canterbury- with The Yankee Marshal as a babysitter.”

That pretty much sums it up!