Www.AardvarkReloading.Com (for additional videos). YouTube has all banned most of my videos so I'm in the process of moving them here to GunStreamer. I no longer sell reloading brass (please do not inquire about pricing or availability). Also - I nor longer conduct reloading classes on a regular basis.

You'll see an emphasis on reloading primers. Something few of us do. I/we think it's our Achilles' heel as gun owners in America. If you are a reloader. We urge you to Not throw away spent primers. Store them in a coffee can somewhere. It is very difficult to manufacture those tiny anvils inside the primers. I'd like to Thank my friend Marshall Thompson (PhD Chemistry) who deserves all of the credit for the chemistry involved in many of my videos. I'll reference him often. He makes the complexity and mystery of chemistry understandable and fun. He goes through great pains to make it safe so please read his documentation (http://www.aardvarkreloading.com/resources/Homemade%20Primer%20Course%202017-09-04.pdf).