Hello I am a social media hack who supports the 2nd Amendment. I am also on several social media sites as in Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, GunTube.org, and apart of the great GunChannels.com crew. I explore those guns nobody really cares about, but are built around a budget. I travel at times around my great state of Indiana and explore the different gun shops in my area. I love to shoot and always practice the art of becoming a better shot. I have a live show on YouTube that dives into the over reaching guns laws that are put on us law abiding gun owners. We talk about how to combat these laws and get gun owners off their butts and out to voice the opposition to these nasty bills. I hope that you can enjoy and even learn something from my experiences in this great gun culture world. Thanks for taking the time to watch and subscribe to my channel. Like always catch you on the next one!
RowCall 219
444 Views · 3 years ago
RowCall 219
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Extra footage of LC9
RowCall 219
456 Views · 3 years ago
Sarge C4 Defense sneak up
RowCall 219
392 Views · 3 years ago
Kaw Valley Holsters
RowCall 219
547 Views · 3 years ago
LC9 Range Duty
RowCall 219
403 Views · 3 years ago
LC9 unboxing sorta
RowCall 219
463 Views · 3 years ago
Wanenmacher Gun show
RowCall 219
442 Views · 3 years ago
Wanenmacher Tulsa Arms Show
RowCall 219
468 Views · 3 years ago
JM Davis Firearms Museum
RowCall 219
413 Views · 3 years ago
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