I am no longer employed by Liberty Sport & Pawn but will be opening my own firearms store, Smokin' Guns, in the near future! To give you a little background on myself - I served in the Marine Corps from 2005-2009 with 3rd Battalion 8th Marines as an Infantry Machinegunner. I deployed to Ar Ramadi, Iraq in 2006 and the 22 MEU in 2007. I attended Machinegun Leaders Course, Company Level Intel Cell training, and left the Marine Corps as a Corporal. This channel is family friendly. Mind your language in the comments. I hope you enjoy all of the videos! Thank you all for watching!

You can visit my page at www.mysmokinguns.com
Virginia Tyranny Plus New CZ Handguns!
Ryan Warner
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Introducing the IWI Masada 9MM Optic Ready
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Century C39V2 Pistol Shoot & Review
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Sig Sauer P365 Shoot & Review
Ryan Warner
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Brief History Of The M16
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Springfield M1A SOCOM 16
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Fostech Echo II
Ryan Warner
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