Just an ordinary, everyday man...husband, father, USAF vet, weapons & outdoor enthusiast, and cigar lover. I created this channel to share my philosophies, life lessons, gear reviews, hobbies, and family adventures.

Full disclosure:
I am not paid or sponsored by any company and while I may accept items offered to me for an honest review from time to time, I do not accept money or products in exchange for a positive review. Every item I review will have my 100% honest opinion attached to it...good or bad.
Channel Update - We Bought a House!!!
Tactical Swede
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Mail Call & Channel Update
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Mail Call from The Crazy Scotsman
Tactical Swede
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Help Save Christmas
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AR Pistol Project: Range Test
Tactical Swede
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AR Pistol Project: Lower Assembly
Tactical Swede
350 Views · 11 months ago
AR Pistol Project: Upper Assembly
Tactical Swede
327 Views · 11 months ago
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