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Steampunk rifle - Fully functional! You've GOT to see this!!

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Mark finishes his latest AR-15 rifle build. Inspired by the Steampunk art movement, this firearm not only looks cool, it is 100% functional.

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Lion41441 11 months ago

I created custom steampunked MP5 fully functional rifle for a customer now living in Florida. Can’t figure out how to attach a photo.

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kisssofdeath 2 years ago

Holy bat balls batman!!! Captain Spaulding is back!!

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SisterOfTheSecond 2 years ago

Wow, I really dig this! So creative... I absolutely LOVE how you can actually see the trigger group moving behind the clock wheels! If you wanted to keep going, I had the thought that you could etch something like "Time Traveler" or "Back to the Future" on the inside of the dust cover. Also, you could inlay faux gemstones in the cutouts on the trigger guard. (BTW, this is my first comment on this site. I'm new here.)

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SeeleyBob 2 years ago

"Why? Steampunk!"

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Locaber 2 years ago

Well done!

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rancott 2 years ago cool !

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thegunnoob 2 years ago

Dude that looks so sick

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GOBRAGH2 3 years ago

That rifle design would be great for the hero of a steampunk movie!

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Nobody2u 3 years ago

I'm Not Letting My wife see this, She will want something I don't want to Pay for! lol.

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GOBRAGH2 3 years ago

That looks amazing!

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Steve Blakely
Steve Blakely 3 years ago

Pretty cool!

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GUNGUY 3 years ago

That is totally awesome !!!!

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mslefaye 5 years ago

Not how I would have done the brass / copper accents, I have used tumbling media with ground up spent range brass even 22 to good effect to achieve the results on anything that can be blued. From there for the more blackened look a bit of cold blue over the top and the brass blues to dark dark black.

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