Gizzard Gary - Kansas firearm and shooting enthusiast, 2A activist. Gun owner since my teen years, but got into pistols in 2015. I own primarily "budget" firearms at present, but am always trying to learn and expand my horizons. I am also an amateur genealogist and photographer, as well as a cat lover.

I provide my videos for entertainment, and to assist those new to guns and the gun community. If you would like to join a great online firearms community, please visit - it's free, and NOT just for content creators.

For more information, visit my Web site at If you want to support my channel, please go to my Patreon page at

"If someone tries to infringe on your right to keep and bear arms - #GiveThemTheBird!"
Early Bird Chat 3/17/2019
Gizzard Gary
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Fowl Territory #20
Gizzard Gary
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2A Patch Batch - 2019
Gizzard Gary
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Fowl Territory #19
Gizzard Gary
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Early Bird Chat 3/3
Gizzard Gary
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Fowl Territory #18
Gizzard Gary
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Fowl Territory #17
Gizzard Gary
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