The DIY Hunter
The DIY Hunter 09 Jul 2017

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1,200 Yards - 28 Nosler - 3 Shot Group

In General

Here is a three shot group at Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf"‹ on steel at 1,200 yards in near 100 degree temps at 2pm. This is with my Browning"‹ X-Bolt 28 Nosler shooting Hornady"‹ 175 ELD-X bullets with my Hodgdon Retumbo"‹ load found on my website at:

The Vortex"‹ HS-LR 4-16x50 scope has a capped windage turret so I was holding right of center to compensate for what I guessed to be near correct 1/2 MOA of wind. Strelok Pro called for a 23 1/2 elevation adjustment. Looks like that was short by a little over a 1/2 minute. With the extreme heat and distance, there may have been some other factor I forgot to factor in for these shots. (Ignore the two marks already on the target, one on the upper left corner and the one on the bottom edge. They were not from this rifle.)

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Canuck 1 year ago

Nice shooting!

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