HeavyMetalGuns 08 Dec 2019

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brassscrounge 1 year ago

Hey. You were right. You got to type it all in to find you. Good to see you on GunStreamer:)

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Scott 1 year ago

Paul, I love chrono tests as they can do a good job of showing if your ammunition is what the manufacturer claims, How close it is to their rating and what you can expect. I'd like to say for the record that from all the information I've seen even a basic .22lr is better than nothing. However I like my .40 and .45 a great deal but usually carry my SCCY CPX-2 9mm.
I ran the numbers from this test of 10mm vs .40 S&W which by the way I do agree with you on they are closely related. Anyway here is the energy foot pound difference
.40 S&W 963 Feet Per Second = 370.74 Energy Foot Pounds and 10mm 1115 Feet Per Second = 497.02 Energy Foot Pounds difference are 152 Feet Per Second and 126.28 Energy Foot

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