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Sarge C4 Defense 10 Oct 2018

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12 Gauge Over Penetration Test

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This is Sarge here at C4 Defense, today I'm going to show you what a 12 gauge can do to the walls of a mobile home. We've talked several times about what is the best round to carry for home defense, and I just happened to have the oppurtunity to test some slugs, buckshot, and birdshot. To say that the 12 gauge is devastating at close range is an understatement. I think you'll be surprised at the results. Please comment if you have any specific rounds you'd like us to test and I'll try to acquire some. This test just shows what these rounds can do the interior and exterior walls at close distance. Check back for the 9mm and 5.56 tests as well. SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, LIKE, hit that NOTIFICATION icon if you're already a subscriber, and we'll see you on the range.

*These ammo tests were performed on a closed range, with all safety measures in place.

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Squib 1 year ago

Sarge, for some reason Gunstreamer copied my comment about the 12 gauge penetration test onto your patch panel video. Weird? Might have something to do with the autoplay being a default that I forget to turn off every time i go on Gunstreamer.

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Squib 1 year ago

Good video. Worth watching again on Gunstreamer.

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