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17 HMR Ammo - History

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Introduced by Hornady in 2002, the .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire was designed for shooters who desire a fast, lightweight rimfire cartridge. It's especially popular among varmint hunters, who prefer the .17 HMR for its high velocity and flat trajectory.

The .17 HMR has impressive ballistics. Bullets weigh between 15.5 grains and 20 grains – ammo this small, propelled by the comparatively large powder loads in the .22 Magnum case, travel at high velocities.

Accuracy of .17 HMR ammunition is almost as good as the velocity. For even the casual shooter, the cartridge easily shoots one-inch groups off the bench at 100 yards. The maximum lethal range for shooting varmints is somewhere from 150 to 300 yards, contingent upon the ability of the shooter and current weather conditions. And since .17 HMR bullets are so lightweight, the trajectory is affected more by the wind compared to heavier bullets. This adds to the challenge and fun for some.

Several companies produce .17 HMR ammo today – including CCI, Federal, and PMC. Winchester and Remington sell the cartridge with polymer-tipped bullets, hollow point bullets, and soft point bullets. Manufacturers also offer rifles chambered for .17 HMR – including Savage, Marlin and Ruger. These rifles are primarily bolt action, but a few semi-automatic rifles (and even some revolvers) are made for this cartridge.

The .17 HMR is fun to shoot and also a deadly accurate rimfire cartridge. It's great for a novice learning to shoot or an experienced shooter who wants the challenge of extremely light bullets at extremely long ranges.

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