TheSteelHunter 06 Nov 2021

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18 Month Carry Ammo Testing, G19X/PSA AR-Pistol

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Welp. I done cracked open the fallout shelter and got some shiny new bullets in the mail. Time to empty out the old pistol mags from the G19X and see just how they would have performed if I had actually needed them in defense of my life. Failure to bueno.
Shooting Winchester white box through the G19X from Glock and the AR-Pistol in 11.5 inches from Pametto State Armory.
First upload in ages. Plan to shoot and film more as the ammo rolls in and build up these kits piece by piece.

(0:00) Intro Talky-talk
(2:50) 18 month carry ammo test firing
(11:29) AR-Pistol Zero confirmation
(13:25) AR-P/G19X CQB drill

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 3 years ago

Good to see you back

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