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Rick Gunnybeard 23 Feb 2021

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1911 HUGO SCHMEISSER 5" LPA - 1911 MADE IN GERMANY !!! | Gun Review

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Good 1911 are only made in the US...WRONG! Probably the best 1911 Colt is made by Schmeisser from Germany. No gaps, no wobbeling and there are many special features on it! Find out what these features are...and if you want to shoot it here in germany , please visit :


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RobertM 1 year ago

My first pistol back in the late 1980s was a Thompson Auto Ordnance 1911A1 USGI. I paid $350 for it brand new. I worked that pistol out of the box to make it into a competition match pistol without ruining its look as a USGI pistol. So I did not change a whole lot. A tight barrel bushing and barrel lug, a recoil guide rod kit, and Pachmayr wrap around rubber grips. Other than wearing the slide in that is all I did to it. Most everything remained military specification though. I shot a lot of rounds through that pistol including bowling pin matches. I later owned a used Argentinian Colt 1911 that was already set up for match shooting. Wish I had not sold my first 1911A1. I agree for a 1911 it needs to be the original caliber in .45ACP. The Schmeisser 1911 looks like a very well made 1911 as I am sure it is. Thanks for sharing.

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Rick Gunnybeard
Rick Gunnybeard 1 year ago

Thank you for that input - i bet your gun was beautiful! If you ever get the chance to get your hand on a Schmeisser then please try it! Sadly i could not shoot it on my own because all ranges in germany are shut down...but from what i saw and from what i've heard from the owner it must be a very reliable and great shooting gun! Stay safe

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