Atticus James
Atticus James 31 Dec 2019

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2019: A Year in Review - The Gears Crew Favorites of 2019

In General

These are the top picks of firearms and gear that has review in the Year 2019.

1: AR Part - Phase 5 Gear.
(No Video Yet)
2:Suppressor - YHM Turbo K.

3: AR of the Year - DPMS GII Recon.

4:New Comer - Walther Q5.

5: Pistol - IWI Masada.

6:Optic of the Year: Riton.

7: Accessory: High Speed Gear, Comp Tac.
(No Video)
8: Shotgun - IWI Tavor TS12.

9: Non AR Rifle - Bushmaster ACR Enhanced.

10: Bolt Action - Howa American Flag Chassis Rifle.

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