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Ghost Tactical 12 Oct 2020

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2020 Election: Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights

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2020 Election: Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights

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Today, we break down all 4 candidates stances and policies regarding the #2ndAmendment.

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 4 years ago

Good info and good points on the candidates. I have the same beliefs and political out look as you. I would love to vote for Jo Jorgensen but as you said at this time that gives Trump one less and Biden one more. It is a shame we are locked into a 2 party system. It will be some time before we ever have a 3 party system. Or at least one that has a chance. Honestly could you imagine what would happen in Congress if she did win. A Libertarian President and a Congress full of Dems and Republicans. Nothing would get done. Of course that maybe what it takes to get Congress to work together.

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